Why is my Toilet Overflowing?

When you dealing with an overflowing toilet can be a huge disaster. Toilets are the most important appliance that we use in our homes. You will understand when the toilet starts malfunctioning, so don’t hesitate to call a plumber for assistance. Understanding why your toilet is overflowing is critical to ensure it does not happen again. Near Plumbers will assist you in troubleshooting the issue so that you can go forward with its resolution.

Reasons why toilets overflowing

Drain clog

2. Vent pipe blockage

3. High filler float.

Drain Clog
Finding a clogged drain is a very simple procedure. Water will overflow from the toilet bowl rather than the tank, resulting in a massive mess. To halt the overflow, treat the blockage. A plunger and some elbow grease are generally enough to clear basic obstructions.

Vent pipe blockage
If your toilet clogs more frequently, a clogged vent pipe might be the cause. A vent pipe introduces external air into the plumbing system to replenish the air circulated with each flush. When this is obstructed, your toilet will not flush correctly, resulting in an overflow. This often necessitates the skills and knowledge of an experienced plumber.

High filler float.
The first two reasons for an overflowing toilet will result in water spilling from the bowl itself. In this scenario, a high filler float causes the leak to originate from the toilet tank. If the filler float is placed too high, the tank will overfill, resulting in leaking from the sides. You may correct this by altering the mechanism within the tank that controls the level of the float.

Near Plumber
If you have problems with your toilet in the event of a complicated clog or constant recurrences, call your trusted plumbing Near Plumbers. Our skilled plumbers have all the needed materials and tools to fix an overflowing toilet and to make sure that everything is functioning.
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