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Changing a toilet seat is one of several home repair chores that you may accomplish on your own. Whether you’re updating for design, comfort, or utility, installing a toilet seat is a straightforward task. At Near Plumbers Nottingham, we think that people should grasp fundamental plumbing jobs and be prepared to undertake them when necessary. This blog contains a step-by-step tutorial on how to install a toilet seat.

Why install a new toilet seat?
Over time, toilet seats can become stained and worn, making them difficult to clean.
Comfort: Modern toilet seats offer improved comfort and features like soft-closing lids.
Aesthetics: A new toilet seat can refresh the look of your bathroom.
Damage: Cracked or broken seats need replacement for safety and comfort.

 How I can install a toilet seat?

1. Remove the current toilet seat.

Locate the bolts: The toilet seat is normally fastened to the toilet bowl by two bolts in the rear.

Unscrew the bolts: Hold the bolt in place with a flathead screwdriver, then unscrew the nuts beneath with an adjustable wrench or pliers.

Remove the seat: Once the bolts are gone, raise the old toilet seat from the bowl.

2. Clean up the place.
Make sure you clean the area around and make everything ready for installing the seat.

3. Install the new toilet seat.
Position the seat:
Now, set the new toilet seat on the bowl and line the bolt holes.

Insert the bolts: Thread the new bolts through the holes in the seat and toilet bowl.

Secure the nuts. Screw on the nuts from below. Tighten them by hand first, then use a wrench or pliers to completely secure them. Overtightening may shatter the toilet bowl or seat, so proceed with caution.

Expert Tips from Near Plumbers Nottingham

  • Choose the Right Seat: Toilet seats come in different shapes and sizes. Measure your toilet bowl to ensure you purchase a compatible seat.
  • Soft-Close Feature: Consider investing in a soft-close toilet seat to prevent slamming and increase durability.
  • Regular Maintenance: Regularly clean your toilet seat with non-abrasive cleaners to maintain hygiene and appearance.

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